App Name PicMarker
Package Name com.github.kolacbb.picmarker
Size 5.61 MB
Latest Version 1.5.5
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Update Thu Feb 01 2024

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Description of PicMarker Mod APK 2023

PicMarker is a gadget that focuses on helping users quickly add mosaics and annotations to screenshots, photos, etc. Unlike the tedious operations of regular photo editing tools, PicMarker does not require you to have any experience with PhotoShop to get started quickly. There is no need for complicated and cumbersome configuration items, everything is installed and used, which greatly simplifies the operation process.PicMarker has a variety of mosaic styles, such as traditional pixel mosaic, Gaussian blur style, low poly, hexagonal mosaic and so on. Use different styles of mosaic types in different photos to make the mosaic effect look beautiful and unobtrusive.PicMarker also includes a wealth of powerful predefined annotation functions, which can easily add annotations to photos to highlight and supplement important information in pictures. For example, you can use the double arrow to add distance information to the picture, use the magnifying glass function to enlarge the tiny details on the picture, and so on. If the predefined callouts aren't enough, it can also add text and stickers! After adding the annotation, you can also cut the picture proportionally to the size required on the social software, and directly share the marked photo to other software. In addition, PicMarker also supports saving marked pictures to any folder on the device.If you want to quickly start using PicMarker's features. Using Share from other software, share pictures to PicMarker to quickly start editing pictures. In the album, you can also use the editing function to start quickly. In addition, if you give PicMarker "file storage permission", after opening PicMarker, you can display the latest 10 pictures in the device on the home page. Click the picture to start quickly!PicMarker is completely free! And save and share pictures without any resolution limit! Full access to all features without paying🎁 Main Features⭐️ Two-finger drag to zoom in and out of the picture canvas⭐️ Supports a variety of different ways to code: rectangular selection, circular selection, and finger smearing methods that can control the thickness⭐️ Support a variety of image coding styles: support traditional pixel mosaic, Gaussian blur style, low poly, hexagonal mosaic, and highlight features⭐️ Support a variety of predefined annotation shapes: support rectangle, ellipse, line, arrow, single arrow, double arrow, magnifying glass, etc.⭐️ All predefined annotations support adding additional strokes, shadows, etc., support selection for secondary editing, rotation, re-change its color size and position⭐️ Support for drawing on pictures: use different colors to draw lines, or highlighters, to complete a variety of doodle operations⭐️ Support adding text or stickers to screenshots, you can also control text alignment, display angle, text color, add text stroke or shadow, etc.⭐️ Supports the use of color palettes to pick any color you want to paint⭐️ Supports cropping images in multiple ratios to suit the requirements of different applications⭐️ Share and save files will not be compressed, you can also select the storage directory to save⭐️ Concise and easy to use without any lag🎁 More infoFor any suggestions or questions, please click "Feedback" within the app or send an email directly to [email protected]. Looking forward to your feedback, I will reply to you as soon as I receive it. Thanks! PicMarker MOD APK

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