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Update Sun Jan 22 2023

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Description of RenoBody Mod APK 2023

[For users of au Smart Pass version]The au Smart Pass version app "RenoBody-Pedometer app that collects points just by walking-" has ended its service on January 31, 2021.Customers using the target app can take over the data on the Google Play version and use it, so we hope that you will continue to use it.● How to change the app1. Download the Google Play version of "RenoBody"2. Log in with your au ID from "Login"> "au ID Login".■ □ You can earn WAON POINTs by taking daily steps! ■ □◆ Walking habits are the key! You can earn 1 WAON POINT for 8,000 steps a day.* The accumulated points can be used for shopping at WAON POINT member stores.* A "smart WAON web ID" is required for cooperation.■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■[App features]◆ No troublesome records! Step count data is automatically synchronizedThe app starts in the background and the number of steps is automatically counted. Even if you turn off the power or close the app, the measurement will start automatically when you restart.◆ More convenient by linking with apps and devices!It is also possible to link with the wireless activity meter "Fitbit", which has the largest overseas share, and the health care app "Google Fit"! You can use RenoBody with the data acquired by other services.◆ Check your activities on an easy-to-read screenThe number of steps and calories burned are displayed in an easy-to-understand manner on the top screen and graph.◆ You can see how much more you should walk to reach your goal!The distance required to reach the goal for the day is displayed on the map. The guideline for the distance is displayed on the map by the size of the radius from your current location.◆ Women are even more convenient! With biorhythm, you can immediately see how long it is easy to lose weight!-----------[How to use]① First, enter your target weight and period to score a goal!If you enter your diet goal, how many kg you want to lose by when, the amount of activity required per day will be calculated.② Start walkingRenoBody measures your activity just by walking. Calories burned, activity time, and distance walked will be updated according to the number of steps counted.③ Enter your weight and check the transition to the goal on the graph!By recording your weight in addition to walking, you can check not only your weight but also changes in your BMI. Let's check the progress of the diet.④ Support your activities with feedback! Aim for the goal surely!★ DailyIf you look back on each day in detail, the daily screen. From the calories burned on the day, we will support you with graphs, map displays, and advice on how much more activity you should do.★ ReportIf you look back on the activities of the week, the report function. We will "simulate" the weight transition from the current data to the goal, and support the achievement of the goal with advice! * The report is updated every Monday.-----------What if the number of steps is not measured? ]If your smartphone pedometer does not count your steps, try one of the following:① Turn the smartphone off / on or restart it.② Cancel the power saving mode. Stop starting the power saving application and task killer application.③ Change "MENU> Account Settings> Advanced Settings> Measurement Settings to" RenoBody ".④ After installing and initializing "Google Fit", change to "Google Fit" in "MENU> Device Settings".* Since the measurement method is different for each app, it may not match with other apps and services.* Depending on the specifications of the acceleration sensor of the smartphone, it may not be measured accurately on some models. Thank you for your understanding.-----------[Application supervision]"RenoBody" is supervised by Toshio Yanagiya, Senior Associate Professor, Graduate School of Sport and Health Sciences, Juntendo University. RenoBody MOD APK

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