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Smart CRM is a Smart CRM tool that has been loved by users so far. At present, many people want to download Smart CRM apk 2023, but Smart CRM often consumes a lot of money, so Smart CRM mod apk has become a more important pursuit. provides great convenience for Smart CRM mod apk download.

Smart CRM has gone through many versions over the years. Smart CRM 2018, Smart CRM 2019, Smart CRM 2020, Smart CRM 2021. Smart CRM 2023 is the latest version, so Smart CRM 2023 is often used as a keyword for user searches. provides different versions of Smart CRM mod apk. Contains the latest MOD versions for 2023. Download Smart CRM 2023 mod APK for Android for FREE now at!

Description of Smart CRM Mod APK 2023

Smart CRM is the easiest and best customer management application for small businesses.No more complicated CRM, with the app you can manage customers directly from your call log.The application can also be used in the free version.The app has no ads.Some of the things you can do with Smart CRM:☑️ View information about your customers even before you answered the call.✅ Add labels to each record and filter the leads according to labels.☑️ Add comments to each entry.✅ Send WhatsApp to unsaved numbers.☑️ Send a WhatsApp from your conversation log.✅ Reminders for WhatsApp messages.☑️ Set quick reminders to call customers.✅ Send WhatsApp during a call / after ending a call / before answering the call.☑️ Send WhatsApp messages from ready-made templates.✅ Send personalized WhatsApp messages to the client.☑️ Add names to customers without saving them in contacts.🔥 From today you send WhatsApp easily through your call log!In the application you will see your call log, click on a number you want to send a message to and then on the WhatsApp button and send him a new message or a prepared message in two seconds!💎 Send WhatsApp while talking!When you are on a phone call, our floating circle will appear on your screen,By clicking on it, you can send a new WhatsApp message or a ready-made WhatsApp message from a template,Even when you talk to a number that is not saved with you.🔥 Manage your leads and customers using a smart, easy and fast CRM.With Smart CRM you can manage your leads through your call log easily and quickly.Have you finished a call with a customer? Enter the application, click on the call record, add photos and comments and record the call.Did the client ask you to get back to him later? Added a reminder through the app.With our CRM you can manage your customers and leads in the easiest way.💎 Adding labels to each call record!You can add labels to help you easily manage your leads and customers.By clicking on the filter icon in the top menu, you can see all your labels,By clicking on any label, you can see all the records belonging to that label.This way you can follow your leads and customers in a convenient and easy way.🔥 Reminder to send WhatsApp at a later date!Choose a number through the call log, contacts or type a new number through the menu,Type the message and choose a date and time.As soon as the time you set arrives, you will receive a notification,By clicking on it, you will go to a conversation on WhatsApp with the number you invited the message to, and all the text you wrote down will already appear on WhatsApp.All you have to do is click send inside WhatsApp and the message you wrote will be sent :-)💎 Only with Smart CRM you can prepare ready messages and send them on WhatsApp during a call and in your call log!🔥 Sending personalized messages to the client!You can prepare templates with dynamic fields that you can insert before sending the message, so you can easily send personalized messages to the client with his name.⏰ You can add reminders to each call and receive a notification when the date and time you set arrives.You can do this easily from your call log.When the reminder appears to you, by clicking on it you will go directly to the call record with the customer and you can call him with a click.💎 You can add notes and photos (screenshots, quotes), to each call record and all easily through your call log.🔥 View information about your customers even before you answer the call.When a number to whom you have added notes or photos calls you, you will see a popup on the screen with all this information, so you can answer the call when you know exactly which customer it is.💎 You can add a name to customers, without saving them in the contacts.Have you finished a call? Want to write down the name of the person you talked to but you don't want to add him to your contacts?From now on you can do it!You can add the client's name, and the client's name will only be saved in the application, and you will see his name in the call log in the application.🔥 Send WhatsApp to an unsaved number that does not appear in your call log.Click on "WhatsApp to an unsaved number" in the menu and do it easily.💎 Create ready-made message templates for yourself and send ready-made WhatsApp messages from these templates, during or after the conversation.🔥 Can't answer the phone? Send a quick WhatsApp instead of an SMS.💎 With Smart CRM you can improve your sales processes, be accurate and get back to customers on time, show your customers that you give them personal attention with the help of personal messages, save you lots and lots of precious time typing the same messages over and over again.Information security is very important to us!We are not exposed to your information, your contacts, your conversations and the messages you send.The information is saved only on your phone.CRM application | CRM customer managementThe use of the application is free (limited to the number of operations each month)Disclaimer:This app is not related / belongs to WhatsApp Inc. Smart CRM MOD APK

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