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Update Thu Mar 02 2023

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Description of SmartWatch Sync Mod APK 2023

SmartWatch sync app for android & Bluetooth notifier (Wear OS) - not only allows you to establish a Bt binding between Android phone and your smartwatch, but it will also show all incoming bt messages on the smartwatch shield. It will also expand the facilities of the watch to maximize its performance.With the Smart watch sync app, your gadget will gain even more features and will work 100%:STAY CONNECTED ALWAYS: read messages, emails and answer calls instantly.In basic models with our application, you can simply read a message or hang up a call, in advanced models it is possible to answer calls and messages. This feature will certainly come in handy when you are on a run or any kind of activity and it is inconvenient to take a smartphone.APP SUPPORTED BY POPULAR BRANDS: The app is supported on most popular brand smartwatches and also Chinese swatches - Samsung, Garmin, Xiaomi, Grape, Fundo, Kurio and many others!CHANGE THE STYLE OF YOUR WATCH of your choice at any time: the app allows you to use dozens of colors that you can customize yourself!USE MORE FEATURES: add significant events, write notes to be more sure that information will not be lost or reminders of the main thing, pay by the clock and much more.Installation and sync guide:(For an extended step-by-step guide with sketched illustrations, visit: Install the Smart watch sync & Bt notifier from online market on Android smartphone and SmartWatch device.2. Open Bt notifier sync on your smartwatch. Select "Turn on Bluetooth". Next, make Swatch discoverable by clicking the “Discoverable button”.3. Open the Smart Sync Notifier app on your mobile. Click Enable Permissions to let the Notifier app access to bt messages. You can see the phone notifier setting screen where you need to turn on the toggle switch for the Sync app. Then, press the "Back" button to return to the bt notifier application.4. Select "Enable bt" after "Connect device".5. Find the name of the smartwatch in the Bt list and connect.6. Press "Pair / OK" on both devices and, if necessary, confirm the pair of devices (press "OK" / "Allow").Done! Smartphone and android / wear watch are now paired!What are the advantages of buying the PRO version?1. No intrusive ads on your phone or watch!2. Ability to adjust the on / off messages for selected contacts, instant messengers, programs in a pair3. Bright themes for bt notifications. Select from a variety of colorful notification themes for each contact / sender / program and enjoy the uniqueness of the watch during daily activities!Possible problems with bluetooth sync and their solutions:Place the devices you are trying to sync as close to each other as possible. Due to the long distance between devices, pairing errors are most commonDisconnect and reconnect devices. A quick connection reset can sometimes fix the error.Check your device for connectivity with other Android devices. Some smartwatches are trying to connect to the last phone/earphone they were previously paired with. Here you may need to change the settings manually.Check the battery level on both paired devices. Some smart devices have built-in power management that disables Bt if the battery is low. Requires additional charge before use.The benefits of pair between gadgets will be available through our application.Smart Watch sync app for android & Bluetooth notifier (Wear OS) - sync two devices for a more comfortable existence for a person. SmartWatch Sync MOD APK

Spending a lot of money in the early days of SmartWatch Sync accumulating SmartWatch Sync of in early currency is a very painful thing. Happymod SmartWatch Sync mod apk will be a better choice. SmartWatch Sync users have the following comments:

A very cool app for connecting your smart watch to any device, whether it's a smartphone or tablet. Very convenient and intuitive interface of the program. There are no communication problems - my smart watch has never been disconnected from my smartphone. Thank you to the developers. I advise everyone who appreciates the convenience and does not want any problems with connecting their smart watches to smartphones or tablets.

Smart watch sync is the most convenient application of all its counterparts, despite its apparent simplicity, it has a lot of truly unique functions. The option where you can turn off notifications for a while turned out to be incredibly useful for me, now nothing d

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