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Update Sat Apr 01 2023

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Description of SunPositionMap Mod APK 2023

Please rate this app after trying it out, knowing that people like and use my apps is the only thing that keeps us free app developers going. If there are things you like, or want improved please say so in the comments.Shows position of the sun at any given point in timeShows position of the moon at any given point in timePosition of sunrise and sunset for current dayPosition of moon rise and moon set for current dayPosition of the latest and earliest sunrisePosition of the latest and earliest sunsetMaps of type "map", "satellite", "hybrid" and "terrain"Compass to help determine where sun will be at any given date and timeSave locations on map with notesDisplays moon phase and illuminationChange date/time with either a slider, or precise buttons.Shows a camera's field of view indicator in landscape and portrait modesShows position of starts, constellations and Messier objectsTo access all of the settings options note that the settings can scroll both up and down and side to side.To use the compass, click the navigator icon on the right, and the heading indicator will turn on. Line up the heading indicator line with any of the sun line, sunrise or sunset lines, and the direction the phone is facing is the direction the sun will be. The compasses in phones are pretty inaccurate, you can usually increase the accuracy by moving the phone around in a figure-eight pattern. You can also gauge the accuracy by pointing the phone towards the sun and observing how far off it is.Permissions: This app doesn't require any extra permissions than what is absolutely necessary to function. It uses the Google Maps API which requires access to external storage and network access. Additionally it requires access to location data to show your current position. I do not track or collect any information about users of this app, but I cannot speak for any tracking or collection the Google Maps API does. SunPositionMap MOD APK

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LOVE IT! Does exactly what it says + MORE. Fantastic app: clever user interface/data portrayal. B sure 2 check out his other apps, there r MANY useful reference & conversion/equivalency apps (this one, I use exclusively outside of photography, & not that often... BUT WHEN I NEED IT, it's almost a life saver! ) but the others are great for mechanics, engineers, do-it-yourselfers, etc.. Thank you so much for this, what a fantastic contribution. [ several descriptive help screens would be useful ]

Its about the best of ist kind one can get for easy use. does not need special explanations and covers all I need in the field or at home, with no ads, I wouldn't mind paying some bucks for it!

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