App Name SuperEnalotto
Package Name com.robertobracaglia.superenalotto
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Latest Version 5.4
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Update Fri Sep 08 2023

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Description of SuperEnalotto Mod APK 2023

Application for SuperEnalotto that displays the last draw with the relative winning odds (both for the super enalotto and superstar sections). In addition, the following sections are also present:√ Verify winningsVerify winnings with QR Code on the lottery ticket.The winning numbers are highlighted!√ Superenalotto draws archiveAll the superenalotto draws from 2009 to today are present.√ Latest extractions videosFrom today you have a new opportunity to check the winning numbers! You can watch the video of the draw (the video is not live).√ GrimaceAn archive of over 20,000 words to facilitate the interpretation of dreams.√ The meaning of the numbersEach number is associated with a meaning, there is also the Neapolitan version.√ Super lottery lucky number generatorA complex algorithm elaborates lucky sixths of the lottery with or without superstars√ Frequent and late numbers superenalottoFrequent numbers and late numbers are reported.√ Statistics NumbersCurrent delays, maximum delays and frequencies of the 90 numbers are reported.√ Search NumbersAre you curious how many times your numbers have come out? From today you can check how many times your date of birth has been published or if a certain sestina has been published!You can evaluate the frequency of ambi, terni, quatern, cinquine and sestine !!!√ Your favorite coupons (by popular demand :-)Finally you can memorize your favorite cards to be able to check them at each draw!If you always play the same numbers you can save your numbers and those of your loved ones by assigning a description to the ticket eg. Coupon of my wife, co-workers etc etc.It is possible to check your ticket in the entire historical archive starting from the first extraction, all the extractions with at least two points will be displayed.√ Bet slips playedFrom today you can save the coupons you have played! you will be able to have a history of the bets made and check if you have won even if you do not have your ticket in tow.You can insert the coupons immediately after playing by framing the qrcode or after extraction. √ Settings:Hide / Show the jackpot on the home page.You happened to play the winning musician in an inappropriate place :-) I do!It is possible to enable / disable the musical melody in the event of a win both in the "Verify Win" section and in the details of the "Bet slips played". In the arming phase it is disabled.ATTENTION: THE APP IS INFORMATIVE AND DOES NOT ALLOW GAME OPERATIONS!The GOOGLE PLAY STORE POLICY does not allow you to enter game apps in the store.PLAYING IS FORBIDDEN TO MINORS AND MAY CAUSE PATHOLOGICAL DEPENDENCE.DisclaimerThe information contained in this app is provided without any guarantee of completeness, correctness, or any other kind, implicit or explicit, and therefore users are invited to check them on the website of this app agree to access its content at their own risk.The owner of the app will not be liable for any damage suffered in relation to this app.The owner of the app has verified the information provided by such third party sites in the best way allowed by his knowledge and with professional diligence.The links are available for the user's convenience and do not imply an approval of the site owner and their content.The owner of the app will not be liable for the availability and content of this third party site or for any damage or injury resulting from the use of the same. SuperEnalotto MOD APK

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