App Name SWay
Package Name com.stopsmoke.metodshamana
Size 4.78 MB
Latest Version 2.1.6
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Update Fri Feb 03 2023

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Description of SWay Mod APK 2023

SWay will help you quit smoking slowly, evenly extending the time between smoke breaks.Smoke when the timer shows 00:00:00 and start the timer after (or before) each smoke break.It is very important to create a good habit of using the timer and tracker for yourself. The application is the embodiment of a method and a tool to help your self-control, and the method will work only if you have a conscious desire to get rid of a bad habit or control cigarette consumption.It will also help to quit smoking vape, IQOS, Glo, Juul and any other tobacco heating systems.Download the app and read the FAQ section to find out how it works and why it works.Enter the settings:- The number of cigarettes you smoke per day now.- The number of cigarettes you are aiming for (zero if you want to quit).- The number of days after which you want to get this result.- The cost of a pack of cigarettes.Start the timer.Will help those who:- Wants to become a non-smokerThe effective recommended time range is 100-200 days. You can quit faster, but it will be difficult and the risk is higher that you will fall out again and start smoking.- Wants to smoke lessNot everyone is ready to completely quit smoking, but every smoker wants to do as little harm as possible to their health and save money. Therefore, the application has functionality that allows you to reduce the number of cigarettes to the level you need and save it. (Of course, we recommend getting rid of the habit completely)If you smoke more than one pack a day and it seems to you that you cannot quit, but you feel what harm you are causing to your health and understand how much money you could save, then try first to reduce the number of cigarettes by 2 times in 60-100 days.If you smoke one pack a day, then reducing the number of cigarettes by 2 times will allow you to save 25,000 rubles a year or more, given that cigarette prices continue to rise.- Doesn't want to quit smokingYou understand what is needed, but you like the process and you do not really want to give up the habit. Are you afraid of getting fat, you're stressed at work, or you've come up with other "weighty" arguments.In this case, enter 365+ days in the settings (you can 500, 800, 1000). You will be throwing so slowly that you yourself will not notice it. And you can finally take control of your cigarette consumption with the help of a tracker.The app will discipline you and you will get rid of the triggers that made you reach for a pack of cigarettes.When leaving the house, after eating, at the bus stop, while driving, the timer will always tell you how much time is left until the next cigarette.This will unlearn the habit of smoking in a particular situation. These situations will cease to be a trigger like an ordinary non-smoker.You don't have to dream about a cigarette during the withdrawal process, because there will be none and you will smoke when the timer tells you when.Mechanically follow the timetable provided by the timer to tell a passerby who fired a cigarette one day - I don't smoke. A savings calculator is built into the settings, see how much money you will save, depending on how many days you decide to quit smoking.Let me remind you that it is very important to develop a habit and constantly use the timer in order to quit smoking slowly and gradually.Get used to using the timer for several months and then you will get the result you are striving for. Free money, health, lack of shortness of breath, normal smell and increased lifespan. (To run fast, smell good and spend money)With this free app, you don't need so much motivation to become a non-smoker. And if you need it, that is, the Premium version, with it you will more faithfully find inner motivation, because no one likes to waste money.Mail for communication: [email protected] SWay MOD APK

Spending a lot of money in the early days of SWay accumulating SWay of in early currency is a very painful thing. Happymod SWay mod apk will be a better choice. SWay users have the following comments:

Thanks a lot to the developers. This is a very useful application, otherwise while you are chatting on the phone, you can smoke half a pack unnoticed. Everything is easy and understandable - I smoked, started the timer, the countdown ended, you can smoke. The habit of smoking by the hour is developed. Gradually, the time increases, and you do not notice that you smoke less and less.

Pleasantly surprised. Simple smoke break timer, nothing super fancy. You can put in how much you smoke, how much you want to cut back OR quit, and shows you how much money you'll be saving. it doesn't have an alarm that I can see but having to open the app and physically reset the timer can make it more of a chore. No big paywalls for services. Also, I think the weakling timer is hilarious, you're not alone, this app developer is here to look at you in disappointment when you cheat your goals.

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B. Search for SWay in the Happymod app.

C. Click the desired mod in the SWay search results list.

D. Click download package to install SWay mod apk directly.