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Latest Version 3.5.5
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Update Sun Feb 05 2023

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Description of TensorART Mod APK 2023

Photos will become AI paintings in seconds. Features include Chinese style, oil painting, printmaking, watercolor, etc.The unique ink Chinese style art filter is online now. Master painting techniques are carefully crafted, and artificial intelligence technology is blessed to make you an artist in seconds. More than 400 styles, covering oil painting, printmaking, illustration, sketching and other styles. More than just retouching skills get√Fully localized image processing, not affected by the network environment, stable operation. The original image and the uploaded image are always only local to protect user privacy."Mu Ziqi", "IndieHackers", "Douban Group", "Xiaozhong Software" and other communities and self-media hot recommendations.===Super Art Filter You have all the "paintings" you want ===【Chinese style】Contains a lot of Chinese element style, add ink and color to your photos, chic antique brushstrokes, instantly transform into literati, creating a traditional oriental beauty;【print】Show the art of engraving and printing, bring a new visual impact, let the photos have abstract and profound beauty!【illustration】There are four categories of "Art, Conception, Fantasy, and Form", covering various illustration styles. With comic style, magical effects, strange brushstrokes, and a huge variety of styles, you can discover the beauty that has never been seen before.【painting】The brush strokes have rich colors, enhanced three-dimensionality, and thick texture. The masterpieces of Munch, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso and Delaunay are included.【Watercolor painting】The watercolor brush strokes are clear and smooth, the colors are bright, and the style is fresh. The portrait, landscape, and still life can be easily changed;【Impressionism】Contains many masterpieces of Western Impressionist masters. Monet's emphasis on light and color, Van Gogh's emotional expression, and the unique pointillism of Seurat and Signac;···The filter is continuously updated and optimized···===Art picture processing, everyone is an artist===【Exquisite Framed】Add a frame to the finished picture, a variety of frames, background colors, and linings are available. Frame, background and shadow are adjustable.[HD picture processing]It has more picture details than ordinary art filters, and the picture texture is more delicate and rich, and all users can enjoy it for free.[Image fine-tuning editing]Adjustable style ratio, adjustable original color retention ratio, and rich image toning function, let the work show any effect you want.[Various puzzles and sharing methods]Support a variety of original photos and work puzzle methods, the effect is clear at a glance, and supports one-click sharing on WeChat, Moments, Weibo, QQ, etc.【privacy protection】Photos and works are only processed and saved locally, and the information is more secure.===Contact us===WeChat public account: art filterWeChat customer service number: TensorArtCustomer Service Email: [email protected] customer service WeChat, join the painting friend group, let's make it together! - TensorART MOD APK

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