App Name Ultimate EMF Detector
Package Name com.mreprogramming.ultimateemfdetector
Size 5.61 MB
Latest Version 2.9.6
MOD Info
Update Mon Sep 11 2023

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Ultimate EMF Detector is a Ultimate EMF Detector tool that has been loved by users so far. At present, many people want to download Ultimate EMF Detector apk 2023, but Ultimate EMF Detector often consumes a lot of money, so Ultimate EMF Detector mod apk has become a more important pursuit. provides great convenience for Ultimate EMF Detector mod apk download.

Ultimate EMF Detector has gone through many versions over the years. Ultimate EMF Detector 2018, Ultimate EMF Detector 2019, Ultimate EMF Detector 2020, Ultimate EMF Detector 2021. Ultimate EMF Detector 2023 is the latest version, so Ultimate EMF Detector 2.9.6 2023 is often used as a keyword for user searches. provides different versions of Ultimate EMF Detector mod apk. Contains the latest 2.9.6 MOD versions for 2023. Download Ultimate EMF Detector 2.9.6 2023 mod APK for Android for FREE now at!

Description of Ultimate EMF Detector Mod APK 2023

A simple EMF detector! The detector is as ACCURATE as the sensor of your device.Both Pro and Free have:-->Magnetic Field B in microTesla,Gauss and milliGauss-->Auxiliary Field H in ampere per meter-->Recorder feature. Data can now be saved live on text file for later use on a computer. This requires the permission to read and write on external storage.-->Keep screen ON button-->XYZ, max-min and graphs.-->The classic EMF meter with the needle and LEDsThe Pro has:-->No ads-->Recorder feature with timer. Data can now be saved live on text file for later use on a computer. This requires the permission to read and write on external storage.-->Keep screen ON button-->Sound notification for sudden EMF changes-->A few backgrounds and skins for the detector.Use this simple app to detect electromagnetic fields, metals, devices and amaze your friends with what your phone can do. Watch out because some people believe that sudden changes in the EM field might indicate the presence of paranormal entities :p. The new themes offer the user greater accuracy, graphs of the displayed readings and even the ability to calculate and show the auxiliary field H which is calculated from the magnetic field. The simple theme makes it easier for inexperienced users to measure and study magnetic fields. This app uses the magnetic sensor(compass) of your phone and displays the reading with a line of LEDs and a classic needle meter. You can switch between units of measurement (uTesla and Gauss) and change the range of measurement from the settings.You can use this app to measure and study magnetism and electromagnetism, the earths geomagnetic field and more. It can be used as a detector not only for EMF but also for magnets, metals, devices and even (as some people believe) entities and ghosts.NOTE that this app uses the magnetic sensor. If your phone doesn't have this sensor the app is NOT going to display any measurements. If you open the app and the readings are 0 it means that this app can't work on your phone. Also avoid getting your phone near powerful electrical devices like power transformers since you might damage it. Use at your own risk.Privacy Policy: Ultimate EMF Detector MOD APK

Spending a lot of money in the early days of Ultimate EMF Detector accumulating Ultimate EMF Detector of in early currency is a very painful thing. Happymod Ultimate EMF Detector mod apk will be a better choice. Ultimate EMF Detector users have the following comments:

My wife and I could never figure out why her cell phone signal was always low, or cutting out; we have the same model phones//now, and the models owned previously were identical, as well. We were able to identify the source of EMF Interference, and rectify the WiFi/Security/TV$, and other electronics. In addition, we were able to determine exposure levels, as well. My wife has had a double bypass, w/5 stents, and a pacemaker/defibrillator installed. Thank Y-O-U!!

Works great on my low end phone. Tested in multiple situations and get clear, consistent results. Ads are non intrusive and the interface is very smooth and friendly. I'm dealing with emfs from some advanced technology and this at least gives me a chance to document and remove myself from the situation. Thanks for making it free. Best wishes, I hope you profit from your work

Download Ultimate EMF Detector Mod Apk from Happymod Tutorial

A. Download and install the Happymod apk at

B. Search for Ultimate EMF Detector in the Happymod app.

C. Click the desired mod in the Ultimate EMF Detector search results list.

D. Click download package to install Ultimate EMF Detector mod apk directly.