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Version: 1.35.460 Premium
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App Name VoiceUnlock Premium
Package Name es.dtec.voiceunlock.premium_release
Size 1.9 MB
Latest Version 1.35.460 Premium
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Paid for free
Update Tue Apr 25 2023

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VoiceUnlock Premium has gone through many versions over the years. VoiceUnlock Premium 2018, VoiceUnlock Premium 2019, VoiceUnlock Premium 2020, VoiceUnlock Premium 2021. VoiceUnlock Premium 2023 is the latest version, so VoiceUnlock Premium 1.35.460 Premium 2023 is often used as a keyword for user searches.

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Description of VoiceUnlock Premium Mod APK 2023

Unauthorized persons won't enter your smartphone anymore.VoiceUnlock makes easy and secure unlocking your device, using true voice biometrics technology based on DTec's BioVox Mobile engine for Android platforms. You don't need an Internet connection, all the processing is done locally in your phone.________________________________________BENEFITS OF THE PREMIUM VERSION:- Automatic voiceprint improvement: huge accuracy improvement under noisy environments. VoiceUnlock learns from the natural variations of your voice as well as from different acoustic environments, continuously improving the accuracy as it's being used.- Supervised voiceprint improvement: you can improve the voiceprint fully controlling the process, by reading additional text that will be joined to the one used during the original voiceprint creation.- Disable Temporarily: the device keeps unlocked for the desired duration, so it's much more comfortable working with it.- 1-step Unlock: voice recording starts immediately after turning the screen on, making he unlocking process even faster.- Ultra-short Unlock: you can unlock the screen speaking for an extremely short duration.- Themes: possibility of changing the graphical look of the entire app, even setting your own backgrounds.- Full control over device locking system: * Number of attempts. * Time for automatic lock.And more features already under development!________________________________________What's the difference with other technologies? BioVox is text-independent voice biometrics technology, i.e. you can register saying whatever you want and then unlock your device saying a completely different text. This leads to very important advantages:- You are not forced to say a pre-defined text.- You can use it in any language. You can even register in a language and unlock in a different one!- Total Anti-Spoofing protection: secure against recording attacks, because it can be used together with a random speech recognition captcha (available in future versions of VoiceUnlock).- If you wish, you can use a voice password only known to you (available in future versions of VoiceUnlock).________________________________________Please, don't forget to rate the app and give your feedback to help us to keep improving!________________________________________Only for managing the screen lock in VoiceUnlock v5:This app uses the Device Administrator permission.________________________________________Keywords: security, voice biometrics, speaker verification, lock, unlock, voice unlock.

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