App Name XWalkCoreLibrary
Package Name org.xwalk.core
Size 63.04 MB
Latest Version 23.53.589.4
MOD Info
Update Sat Sep 02 2023

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Description of XWalkCoreLibrary Mod APK 2023

One of your applications needs to install the Crosswalk Project runtime in order to run on your device. Installation of this library does not require any special permissions, but the application that brought you here does require this component to run.PLEASE NOTE that this is not an application and won't do anything if installed on its own. It won't install an icon on your home screen. It is only needed to run certain applications that use the Crosswalk runtime. If you were not sent here by another application, don't install this.The Crosswalk Project provides core web platform functionality to hybrid and web applications such as, but not limited to, HTML5, partial JavaScript 6 support, CSS3 and much more.Application developers can use Crosswalk as a runtime for their web applications and as an alternative WebView for hybrid apps, and are able to use the latest web innovations regardless of the standard web support of the given platform. This extends the market reach of many new applications that require modern features.By using the Crosswalk Project, an app developer can:Write modern web applications with good performance and featuresUse all the web facing features available in modern browsers, including HTML5, partial JavaScript 6 support, CSS3 and much more.Access the latest recommended and emerging web standards such as SIMD.js and the Presentation API.* Add custom extensions to an application, to leverage platform features not exposed by Crosswalk or the web platform. * Some APIs are considered experimental due to the standardization nature, and might change between versions.The Crosswalk Project alternatively allows apps to be bundled with the Crosswalk runtime instead of depending on the Crosswalk Project runtime services. This way you can avoid the web runtime changing below you by distributing your applications with their own versioned Crosswalk runtime. For more information, please refer to The Crosswalk Project is licensed under the BSD license (3-clause). By using, downloading or installing the Crosswalk Project, you agree to the term of the license. The Crosswalk Project runtime does not send any information to Intel or any other party. Any information obtained by Intel from the Google Play store will be handled in accordance with Intel’s Privacy Notice () XWalkCoreLibrary MOD APK

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