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Update Thu Jun 16 2022

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Description of 新斗罗大陆 Mod APK 2023

The Tang Family Sanshao's authentically authorized card RPG "New Douluo Continent: Immortal Soul", the animation linkage classic is reproduced, the Shrek Seven Monsters reunited and experienced the test of the Poseidon, broke through the title Douluo, and sacrificed the stars to rescue Xiao Wu! True love is perfectly restored. The new Douluo Legend subversion is coming, prepare to face more difficult challenges! Return to the origin and temper reincarnation![Gather the power of the dragon, and reach the peak of combat effectiveness]"Dragon God Temple" It is said that the Dragon God is the ancestor of all spirit beasts. The power of the dragon is a crucial element in cultivating the Dragon King. It is also the place where Tang Wulin, the son of Tang San, received the dragon clan's blessing. When the dragon in the temple reaches full level, it can begin to transform. After transformation, the powerful dragon soul talent will be unlocked, and the team's elemental power and elemental resistance will be gained.[New home system, exposing the protagonists’ glorious moments]"Home System" players can freely build their homes, make friends with Douluo characters, and increase their favorability by giving gifts to unlock the Soul Master plot;Let your home become your own little world. In the process of continuously deepening the bond with the soul master, you can achieve emotional resonance with the players and bring an immersive experience.[The passionate fusion of soul masters, a great leap forward in the soul power of the whole team]"Soul Power Fusion" can improve the team's comprehensive combat power and push the fighting passion in the Soul Fighting Field to a new climax of "Martial Soul Fusion, Eight-in-One"!As the team level and combat power increase, more fusion positions will be unlocked. The higher the quality and skill star level of the soul master in the fusion position, the higher the attribute bonus will be!"New Douluo Dalu: Immortal Soul" official fan groupJoin the fan club, monsters are all gathered here!"New Douluo Dalu: Immortal Soul" official customer service linkIf you have any problems at the academy, just come to me!※Recommended operating system Android 5.0 or above※Recommended memory is 1G or more and device storage space is 2G or more※ Due to the needs of the game's world view, the characters in this game occasionally wear clothing that highlights the female breasts and buttocks. Light and shadow effects and numbers are used to describe the character's fighting injuries but there are no bloody scenes. It should be classified as a 12-year-old guide.※ This game is free to use. However, the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items for players to choose from.※ Please arrange your game time properly to avoid overindulgence.※ Description of necessary access rights●Mobile phone storage space access-used for downloading, decompressing resource packages and playing games normally●Access photos, media content and files on the device ※How to adjust access permissions●Settings>Select the application "New Douluo Dalu">Select "Permissions">Select to enable or cancel settings 新斗罗大陆 MOD APK

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