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San Shao of the Tang familyAuthorized Authorized card RPG "New Douluo Continent: Explosive Evolution Edition", animation linkage classic reappearance , Shrek The reunion of the seven monsters experienced the Sea God test, broke through the Title Douluo, Star Dou Sacrifice to rescue Xiao Wu! True love is perfectly restored. The brand-new Douluo Legend subversive strikes, ready to face more difficult challenges! Gorgeous Conferred God, Explosive Evolution![Concentrating the power of the dragon, the combat power is advancing to the peak]"Dragon God Temple" According to legend, the Dragon God is the ancestor of all spirit beasts, and the power of the dragon is the most important element in cultivating the Dragon King. It is also the place where Tang Wulin, the son of Tang San, received the blessing of the dragon clan. When the dragon in the temple reaches the full level, it can start to transform. After the transformation, the powerful dragon soul talent will be unlocked, and the team's elemental power and elemental resistance will be obtained.[Titan giant ape trial, who can win the forest overlord]"Giant Beast Trial", in order to save Xiao Wu, Tang San conducted an important trial in the depths of the Star Dou Forest, beside the Star Lake, told by the Titan Giant Ape and the Azure Bull Python.You must have a strong psychological quality and superb fighting skills to have a chance to complete the giant beast trial! Are you ready to accept the hunt for rare spirit bones?[Soul Master Passion Fusion, Team Soul Power Great Leap Forward]"Soul Power Fusion" can improve the team's overall combat power, and push the fighting passion of the Soul Arena to a new climax of "Martial Soul Fusion, Eight in One"! As the team's level and combat power increase, more fusion positions will be unlocked. The higher the quality and skill star of the soul master in the fusion position, the higher the attribute bonus!"New Douluo Continent: Explosive Evolution Edition" Official Fan GroupJoin the fan club, the monsters are all here!"New Douluo Continent: Explosive Evolution Edition" official customer service linkIf you encounter any problems in the college, just come to me!※The recommended operating system is Android 5.0 or above※It is recommended to have a memory of 1G or more and a device storage space of 2G or more※ Due to the needs of the world view of the game, the characters in this game occasionally wear clothes that highlight the characteristics of female breasts and buttocks, and use light and shadow special effects and numbers to describe the fighting injuries of the characters but there is no bloody picture, so it should be classified as a 12-year-old tutor.※ This game is free to use, but the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items for players to choose.※ Please arrange the game time properly to avoid overindulgence. ※ Description of necessary access rights●Phone storage space access - for downloading, decompressing resource packs and normal game play●Access photos, media content and files on the device ※Access authority adjustment method●Settings > select the app "New Douluo Continent" > select "Permissions" > select to enable or cancel the setting 新斗羅大陸 MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of 新斗羅大陸 accumulating 新斗羅大陸 of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod 新斗羅大陸 mod apk will be a better choice. 新斗羅大陸 users have the following comments:


一開始只是好奇,看到電視廣告進來,比想像中好玩非常多,人物刻畫得很不賴,卡牌戰鬥的效果也很漂亮,微操作尤其是亮點,不會像其他卡牌遊戲一樣只是無腦對撞,真的很讚! 故事情節也不錯,最重要的是竟然是用動畫去詮釋,算是很厚工,總之,應該會持續玩下去。這款遊戲看起來會爆啊

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