App Name キュビスタ
Package Name com.mixi.cubicstars
Genre Action
Size 127.7 MB
Latest Version 2.7.0
MOD Info
Update Thu Feb 29 2024

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Description of キュビスタ Mod APK 2023

Get hooked in all directions! Last-minute action RPG “Cubic Stars”Challenge powerful enemies in cooperative play with up to 4 people!◆Cubic Stars is an action game recommended for these people.・I have been playing Monster Strike for a long time.・I want to play Monster Strike (Monster Strike) series games・I want to play an action game where I can get together with friends and have fun.・I want to play an action game that is easy to operate.・I often play competitive action games.◆Cubic Stars (Cubista) IntroductionA story of hope in a world of disaster.A "forbidden (Pandora) box" opened by someone.The lid opened and the residents of Strike World were suddenly sucked in.In another world that spreads inside the box,There were cube-shaped monsters.Communication with the friends who went to investigate earlier is also cut off, and the mystery only deepens...Why does another world exist inside a box?Why did the monsters become cube-shaped?In order to gather the strength of the remaining members and save their friends who have been turned into cubes,Stand up now!◆A completely original story presented in full voice by gorgeous voice actors!Pandora: CV. Yui OguraNostradamus: CV. Rie KugimiyaSolomon: CV. Maaya UchidaSherlock Holmes: CV. Sumire UesakaRobin Hood: CV. Hinata TadokoroOfficial X (old Twitter)◆Official website キュビスタ MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of キュビスタ accumulating キュビスタ of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod キュビスタ mod apk will be a better choice. キュビスタ users have the following comments:

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