Eternal Senia

Version: 1.220118
Menu/Damage defense multiplier/Unlimited skills
App Name Eternal Senia
Package Name com.sanctumstudio.eternalsenia2
Genre RPG
Size 139.48 MB
Latest Version 1.220118
MOD Info
Menu/Damage defense multiplier/Unlimited skills
Update Fri Oct 07 2022

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Description of Eternal Senia Mod APK 2023

Rediscover the simple pleasure of role-playing games![The Story]The story is driven by the determinationSenia is once again on the quest to find her sister, but this time, her blade won't be her only companion! Meet Senia's new friends:Hugo - Calm even in the face of danger, but beneath his placitude lurks the dark heritage of a wizardBriella - Forever optimistic and outgoing, she is the Bishop of the Holy Capital, Balder Sophie - A young girl with a mysterious past...and Priest Magaleta, the elder sister who has always been so kind to Senia. Will Senia be able to see her again?[The Game]● Tap the screen to help Senia fight her enemies● Simple but challenging game mechanics● Grow stronger with the help of new companions● A compelling story split into five arcs Eternal Senia MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of Eternal Senia accumulating Eternal Senia of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod Eternal Senia mod apk will be a better choice. Eternal Senia users have the following comments:

Played a bit before doing a review. It's a pretty good "cookie clicker" idle game. You just tap away and activate skill when it's up or when bosses go a certain phase. The story is the generic "noob gets thrown down dungeon tower and has to level up and climb to the top to accomplish their goal". It's ad supported but there are no pop-ups. You watch 30 sec ads to multiply your XP pts when you claim them, otherwise, leveling character or equipment will take an eternity.

It's adorable thus far, the English translation (as with almost all *insert language*-to-English scripts) could use a little work. It's different from other clicker games I've played. First Time Purchase is a lil pricey, but eh. Server costs and what-not. All-in-all good. If you would like, I could look through the script for grammar corrections :)

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