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Version: 0.41
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Mega Mod Unlimited Money
Update Wed Nov 22 2023

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Fantasy Heroes has gone through many versions over the years. Fantasy Heroes 2018, Fantasy Heroes 2019, Fantasy Heroes 2020, Fantasy Heroes 2021. Fantasy Heroes 2023 is the latest version, so Fantasy Heroes 0.36 2023 is often used as a keyword for user searches. provides different versions of Fantasy Heroes mod apk. Contains the latest 0.36 MOD versions for 2023. Download Fantasy Heroes 0.36 2023 mod APK for Android for FREE now at!

Description of Fantasy Heroes Mod APK 2023

Fantasy Heroes: Legendary Raid & Action RPG is a new RPG game. In less than a year, Legendary Raid became a cult RPG among the fans of this genre and even followed in the footsteps of a legendary role-playing game, being one of the best Diablo-like titles. The game world is full of spectacular adventures and customizable characters.CHARACTER SELECTIONThere are six playable characters in Fantasy Heroes, and each of them comes which their own unique characteristics and combat effects. Unlike other popular action games, Fantasy Heroes allows you to choose not one, but three characters to form a raid party. Legendary Raid has these classes to offer:• Knight – DPS character with strong melee damage.• Elf – an archer who is able to support their teammates from a long range.• Dwarf – a support hero with skills to fight at a distance.• Abyss Catcher – a mage with strong arcane damage.• Sorcerer – a mage who can heal friendly heroes.• Priest – a mage with a set of auxiliary spells for support.During the adventures in Fantasy Heroes, the team of heroes carry out raids on beautiful and well-drawn locations, where they fight both ordinary mobs and unique bosses of this action game.The heroes will receive experience points and gold for killing monsters, and those rewards can be used to upgrade their skills. Action RPG heroes will kill ordinary mobs on their own, you just need to lead them to the right spot, but it’s not the same with boss battles, where you have to use various super-blows and power-ups to secure a win.LEVELING UP AND STRENGTHENING A TEAMAs in any RPG game, you have two goals: to reach the final boss, while leveling up all of your heroes to the limit. In the vastness of the game world, you can find chests with hidden valuables including equipment, weapons, unique potions and magic arrows. With the help of found loot you can significantly strengthen each hero, as well as improve the synergy of the whole team. If one of your character dies (and this is a possibility), you can always use a respawn point to resurrect them.GAME FEATURES AND RESTRICTIONSLegendary Raid is an offline action game with RPG elements, which does not require an active internet connection. It features unique graphics with colorful locations and dynamic battles in the best traditions of the action genre. The offline RPG game also features high-quality musical score, which makes the gameplay even more exciting and allows you to fully immerse in the world of remarkable adventures and action battles.This offline RPG does not have any built-in restrictions on attempts, limits in energy and other obstacles designed to prevent players from leveling up their characters. The RPG features more than 1000 different items of combat equipment, which allows to create endless unique builds. You can also choose unique power buffs and upgrade skills to make the gameplay of this RPG more dynamic, while defeating bosses and fighting for the most valuable rewards. You will be pleasantly surprised with the abundance of fantasy elements in Legendary Raid, including such unique NPC characters for action fights as dragons, golems, gremlins, etc.PREMIUM CONTENTThis action RPG also features paid content, so that players can immediately purchase everything they need for the most dynamic action game. Thankfully, it is not necessary to buy starter packs, because every player can easily level up any character just by playing this offline game for a couple days. Right after creating a team and choosing your heroes, you will need to complete few tutorial levels in this fantasy game, where you will learn how to manage your army, switch between characters, use super-blows, kill monsters and master every aspect of the RPG.Fantasy Heroes is an exciting offline action game with RPG elements, where you can dive in spectacular battles and raids in the amazing world of arcane magic! Fantasy Heroes MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of Fantasy Heroes accumulating Fantasy Heroes of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod Fantasy Heroes mod apk will be a better choice. Fantasy Heroes users have the following comments:

Came across this by chance. Good basic RPG. Easy to play. Character choice and character management (leveling up and assigning eguipmemt) is convenient and easy to use. Gameplay is pretty basic, just hack 'n' slash, but likeable. Not complex enough to be an epic game, but enough to occupy my time for an hour a day. I would prefer ground level third person view (control one character forward motion viewed from behind), but still a good game. Will play it for a long while to come.

Its overall a solid game. The UI, animation, mechanic, skill trees, aesthetic, and gameplay loop is actually quite fun. This game is very reminiscent of Diablo with much faster combat rate and that's honestly good thing. The only critics I have is it lacks a goal and probably end game content, I know that I probably wouldn't play this game for long at this rate. But that's easily fixed with updates so please devs, this gem has a lot of potential, it polished but definitely could be better.

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