App Name Potaty 3D
Package Name com.cartoongame.potaty3d
Genre Board
Size 37.84 MB
Latest Version 10.182
MOD Info
Update Thu Oct 05 2023

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Potaty 3D is a board game that has been loved by gamers so far. At present, many people want to download Potaty 3D apk 2023, but Potaty 3D often consumes a lot of energy and money, so Potaty 3D mod apk has become a more important pursuit. provides great convenience for Potaty 3D mod apk download.

Potaty 3D has gone through many versions over the years. Potaty 3D 2018, Potaty 3D 2019, Potaty 3D 2020, Potaty 3D 2021. Potaty 3D 2023 is the latest version, so Potaty 3D 10.129 2023 is often used as a keyword for user searches. provides different versions of Potaty 3D mod apk. Contains the latest 10.129 MOD versions for 2023. Download Potaty 3D 10.129 2023 mod APK for Android for FREE now at!

Description of Potaty 3D Mod APK 2023

Feed, have fun, play ball and shot goals, go to the jacuzzi, pool, swimming, sunbathe, watch TV, listen music, tech speak, shopping gadgets, dress up.Go to school there learn to speak and will talking with you.Potaty 3D growing more and more intelligent, knows the math and knows how to dress well.Come for a walk to the golden forest.How do you take care of your Potaty 3D ?☀☀☀ Learn How To Speak My VOICE ☀☀☀Go to school to table to the left. Press the " Teach me speak with your voice ". There will be words like I am , you are , hungry , sick , need . Press the first , say it out loud. After Potaty repeat it . After that, press the next word and say it . Teach him all the words .Will be able to chat with you .He will say to you when he is hungry or sick. It will be fussy when sleepy .☀☀☀ How to take care of him : feeding, sleeping , playing , health ☀☀☀Feeding: go to the refrigerator at home. If you are missing in the refrigerator go to the store.Sleeping : go to bed, you can exit the game . In a few hours he would be rested . If you watch him sleep faster night's sleep . Sleep can also be a sun lounger .Fun : kick the ball , look for a mole , collect coins , watch TV, listen to music, bathe, jacuzziHealth: a first aid kit in your home , remove it. If you buy in the store is missing .☀☀☀ Levels ☀☀☀The next level you get only once a day when health, sleeping , fun and hover is the max (over 90%).****** Making Money******- Collect coins in the forest , Search Mole, Correctly solve math in high school, Shoot goals, Clean up the pile, Collect the pearls on the beach, ******* Clothes and gadgets ******- Sunglasses Black, Sunglasses pink, Ocular monocle, Cylinder hat, mustache, eyelashesChang it in wardrobe.☀☀☀ Profile ☀☀☀Enter the profile and set your nickname .Here you see your achievements .All achievements and model number of the device is stored on the server.All potatoes are here.☀☀☀ Changing View Camera ☀☀☀Press the CAM to change the view : normal, similar, in advance, at an angle .---------------------------We wonder what you think of the new Potaty 3D . All your comments will help to improve it and affect subsequent updates.This is virtual pet game, cute monster. Your pets can play mini games. This is your free puppies, animals :) Potaty 3D MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of Potaty 3D accumulating Potaty 3D of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod Potaty 3D mod apk will be a better choice. Potaty 3D users have the following comments:

Its so beautiful! I love this game! I play it every day because its so nice! Whoever is the creator of this is extremely cool and the best developer ever! Oh, I have to go and feed potaty now! I love it!

The game is good, It would be great if there was more maps to explore

Download Potaty 3D Mod Apk from Happymod Tutorial

A. Download and install the Happymod apk at

B. Search for Potaty 3D in the Happymod app.

C. Click the desired mod in the Potaty 3D search results list.

D. Click download package to install Potaty 3D mod apk