App Name SuperHeroes Blast
Package Name com.pocketland.heroblast
Genre Puzzle
Size 90.73 MB
Latest Version 0.1
MOD Info
Update Wed Feb 09 2022

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Description of SuperHeroes Blast Mod APK 2023

Meet the Mcpower family! They have a normal life until they find anything that can harm the world. Be prepared to fight with them against the villains in Super Heroes Blast, a collapse match 3 puzzle game. Choose your hero and start blasting the blocks. Each family member has a unique power that will boost your game experience. Blast the hero color blocks to load his power. Activate it in order to reach the level objectives. The heroes will fight against villains that will interact with the gaming board, making the levels a challenge. Think your strategy and get ready to test your match-3 abilities. Defeat all the lawbreakers and make a better world.Check which hero will be more powerful for each level and boost your match3 experience.Our heroes are:Michael: He is a house painter but has some special abilities when he is wearing his mask. Charge his power blasting red blocks. He could be eating Candy, but he prefers to save the world. He will color 10 blocks of the board with a random color, making easier to create combos.Amanda: In a normal day, she helps people with her problems as a psychologist, but don’t hope to get a good treatment if the patient is an outlaw. She loves to take care of the garden and trying new designs for her home. Her color is blue, charge her tornado power and eliminate a color of the board.Jacob: Gamer, good student and a bit clumsy, but he balances with a huge mental power. For him, twisting a spoon with his mind is a kids challenge! He drinks liters of soda with his friends, loves candy and jelly. The eldest son of the family get his power from the purple blocks and can give you extra movements to achieve the goals! Emma: The middle child, has a lot of energy to play with her friends and the family dog, Max. She wants to rescue every street dog she sees. When she gets the extra energy from the yellow cubes, 10 random cubes will be blasted with her electric discharge. Be careful!Noah: He is the youngest hero, with only 16 months old is still the diapers king. He spent a lot of time watching the fishes in the home fishbowl and smashing her toys. He has a super strength, powered by the orange. When his energy bar is full, activate it to blast a random 3x3 block square.Mary: The grandmother can make the best meal you can eat, with a love taste you’ll never forget. Cookies are her specialty. She has sold her mansion and enjoy traveling with her friends. She has a lot of sagas to tell. As a wise woman, she can get energy from any color and can stir the board with her powerful ladle once you activate her ability.Max: The dog of the family loves Michael’s shoes and going behind the sofa to mark his territory. He looks like a friendly pet, but has the bravest dog heart. His barking will frighten the villains, and when is charged with the green cubes it will convert 2 random cubes in 2 rockets.FEATURES:● Complete tons of challenging levels and unlock new episodes. Each episode has a villain to be beaten!● Complete the different tasks available each day to win rewards.● Collect stars by completing levels to unlock the safe boxes and get free boosters.● Create your own team & compete with others. Enjoy the team challenges.● Receive lives from your teammates to keep on playing. Invite your friends to help you on this adventure.● Sync your game easily between your phone and tablet!New content every 15 days. Keep playing your favorite puzzle game continually. SuperHeroes Blast MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of SuperHeroes Blast accumulating SuperHeroes Blast of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod SuperHeroes Blast mod apk will be a better choice. SuperHeroes Blast users have the following comments:

I think this is the best blast game right now on the play store. Minimal ads. You only have to watch if you want a free reward. You are NOT forced to watch an ad every other level

Its a great game. Love the concept. Played more levels and i am hooked. Hope you guys have more games. Superb job.

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