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Update Tue Apr 11 2023

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Description of WuKongFight Mod APK 2023

Sun Wukong, fahao walker, title monkey is role of China's four famous "journey to the west" and related legends, since open fairy stone was born, when the monkey king was born, leading a group of monkeys into the water curtain cave become all the monkey king, known as the "Monkey King". In the West cattle Hezhou worship master Puti division apprenticeship, named the monkey king, learn to seventy-two metamorphoses, somersault cloud and superb spells; from the East China Sea Dragon King's palace to grab the weapons Ruyi Jingu bang, wearing a pair of golden lock, wearing a top chicken wings purple crown, set out a pair of lotus root silk step cloud shoe; reinforced bucket cloud a somersault can over thousands of miles; pocket rate palace furnace butyl Shenhuo refining a pair of eyes. Sun Wukong first to heaven sealed office -- Bi Ma3 Wen, due to low position, return Huaguoshan monkey self, and forced the heaven that the title. Drunken Monkey King and disturbed the Queen's peach banquet, eating Lao Dan, practice in the footer of diamond, between quirks in the Lao alchemy furnace refining piercing eyes. And heaven in the contest for the thousands of heavenly days not to defeat, although Buddha in a battle of wits with the defeat, is pressed under the five elements mountain 500 years to repent and start anew. The goddess of mercy attunement, be monk rescued, protect the Tang scriptures. Sun Wukong along the way to protect Tang's monk Xiangyao demon, after 9981 difficult, finally retrieve scriptures airness, dubbed fights over Buddha. In the poem "journey to the west" directory or book, Sun Wukong is often called monkey mind or Jin gong. There were nicknames sun, great king, Walker great ape king, Qi Ye, Bimawen etc.. WuKongFight MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of WuKongFight accumulating WuKongFight of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod WuKongFight mod apk will be a better choice. WuKongFight users have the following comments:

This game is amazing!!! It's actually surprisingly accurate to The Journey To The West, and it reminds me of Monkie Kid lol (hyperfixation nooo) sure, you can see a lot of grammar errors and some of it isn't translated yet, but that makes it no less fun, it's still VERY fun! Plus, the game isn't a money hog! I don't even think you could pay for anything with real money if you tried. I do wish that you could get peaches faster, though. Thank you for making this! Edit: ah, and the ads don't work!

Please make more monkey king games i really like this one

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